Letters of a Thousand Speeches Prose Poetry book is written by a lesbian author about her relationship with a muse

Letters of a

Thousand Speeches


A poem can be from the heart without being maudlin or a play-by-play of a break up with all the gory details. It can be uplifting without being sentimental. It shows in my poetry book

Letters Of a Thousand Speeches because love is an emotion we all feel, but don't always get to express in our lives.


Masterpiece in Your Heart



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in Your Heart


Have you ever wonder what every million moments in our life means without the truth of it?

Masterpiece in Your Heart scribes the feelings of hopes and expectations. The moments the author wonders what it meant to life and how it all had live to her dreams.


It portrays series of poems of love and hope. Appreciating life and every moments be it any limitations or the achievements. There are some feelings and thoughts that could not be described in words to a person. Writing it poetically defines its worth, those moments that you treasure.

Every landscape of illustrations shot from around the world symbolizes the significance of each poem.

WLW Women Love Women PODCAST is a lesbian podcast written and produced by a lesbian author


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Truly a Masterpiece indeed.

I can't pick a favourite but at this point of time #tomorrow appeals to me totally

4x6" Postcard - You are the Light to My House

You are the Light to My Heart

The unexpected moment is when the results of the photo is different from what I expected. The lit up sunset clouded the lighthouse in Long Beach, California.

The scene reminds me of 'I cannot wait for tomorrow. Will be a better tomorrow'. 

Sometimes things or people could affect the way we feel or perceive, if it is possible to let them go, why not. But if not, learn to look at the brighter side of everything. Set your own dreams and go for it!!

Cold Without You by My Side

One of the beautiful views in Siberia. This frozen bridge above a river was taken in a February. The still frozen moment is gorgeous and I could not take my eyes off it.

The frozen -59 degree Celsius scene reminds me of 'That feeling when that specific one is away. Gone are all the cuddles and intimacy you desire when you need the most'.
Take a sip of warm tea or cappuccino to cheer you up!

Travel to the Bettles,Alaska

This rare view of a small jet plane with the shines in winter just landed in Bettles, Alaska. One of the low populated areas in the world. 

The scene reminds me of 'Letz jet away from the buzzing crowds in the city, alone and away to find peace to our hearts and mind'. 

If you are heartbroken, find a jet and go anywhere you desire most (definitely not to the person who broke your fragile heart). Love is everywhere!


Letz Getaway from Them

It is not easy to take a photo in a moving vehicle. But this was a unique situation which defines the landscape of the view from the train in Alaska. 

The scene is so much like 'You and I should leave this place and be somewhere where only we know'. 

No one is sure of anything but when you meet with someone you want to be with, all others do not matter.

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