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This Is How To Cancel Life Insurance

This Is How To Cancel Life Insurance

This Is How To Cancel Life Insurance

    welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe in this article we are going to talk about how to cancel life insurance policy during free look period and get a refund after purchasing a life insurance policy what if you realize that it is not the right cover for your needs if you end up with the wrong insurance policy then you can still utilize the free load period offered on life insurance policies to cancel your policy and get the profile here is the process of how to cancel an insurance policy during the free load period and get a refund cancellation allowed only for the new policies the option to cancel life insurance or health insurance policy is available during the initial few days after the policy has been powered the policy can be canceled anytime within 15 days and 30 days in case of electronic policies and policies sourced through distance mode says in Renault categy co-founder renewed by an insurance brokerage firm you can use the free look barrier to get more clarity regarding the new insurance policy you have just purchased during the Free Loop period the insurance has the Liberty to continue asking questions to the insurer in case the farmer is not clear on the benefits mentioned are one a better understanding of the policy it is the statement of katarji if you get the required Clarity and as that are satisfied then you might continue else you can exercise the cancellation option during this period during 

    this time period policyholders have the leeway of the reassessing the plan and canceling it if they are unhappy with the plan for any reason if the term and condition stipulated in the plan do not meet the policyholders expectation he or she can cancel or return it for refund of Premium paid subject to certain deduction this is sales prefect narrowing co-founder and promoter Sana health is the solution a health insurance brokerage firm when the free look option does not work there are certain scenarios where the free load option may not work the free load period is only applicable if the policy is freshly issued as the free law period is not available during policy renewal and so the insurance companies provide a Free Loop facility only when the policyholder has made any claim during the first 15 to 30 days of the policy this is a statement of Naval founder of CEO of an insurance rep aggregator and then how to cancel the policy online versus offline the Free Loop period varies from insurer to inch to insurer so to check your policy documents to find out the duration of the free look of your particular policy the cancellation process can be done either online or offline the cancellation and refund can be applied for either online or offline in the online airport process a policy holder can send an email to the customer care ID given by the insurance company and the request will taken up from the from there and then for the offline Road the policyholder can visit the branch of the insurance company to put a request for the cancellation and then for online cancellation you will need to visit the insure website and fill the form online if your insurance company allows or you can check their websites or ask customer service you will also initiate the process by sending an email to customer service and then you can sell the policy offline one can do it through their advisor or visit the nearest insurance company Branch a cancellation request will need to be submitted in written format and the written document can be also submitted by downloading online uh from the insurance official website are available through the 

    customer account number it is also very important for the insurer to inform about the starting date of the policy to initiate the policy cancellation or alteration during the Free Loop period this is the statement of katashi the process of cancellation during the free log period entails some questioning so that the insurance company can make a list attempt to address your preference or get a detailed customer feedback once the policyholder Intimates the request for policy cancellation during the Free Loop period the health insurance service or life insurance service provider as for reason for cancellation policy related contract and other requisite documentation you will need to provide a certain document while applying Force cancellation of your policy the insured must submit a written document to ensure which needs to be finished with information like the date on which the policy document was received 


    information of the insurance advisor who helped in buying policy the reason uh for cancellation bank account details for refund and then do keep in mind that though you might have a advisor or broker to help you during the Free Loop period the interview refined you can deal directly with the insurance company I think that's all the information that I can say to you guys thank you so much for watching and if you need information about insurance for December like uh what is that life insurance health insurance or maybe vision insurance and car insurance and so many other insurance you are in a right channel visit a channel we talk about it a lot and don't forget to I also share this article to your friends maybe your friends need information about insurance too thank you so much for watching don't forget to give like comment and subscribe bye

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