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Here Is Death On High Seas Act DOHSA

Here Is Death On High Seas Act DOHSA

Here Is Maritime Attorney, Death On High Seas Act DOHSA

    welcome to my Channel please like comment and subscribe in this article we are going to talk about the depth on a high seas act if you have lost a loved one at Sea and the cause of death was negligence default or wrongful act you may be active to pecuniary the images through the death on the high seas act or d-o-h-s-a the egg passed in 1920 as a way to provide compensation for the families of a sea men killed on the job while out to sea being out to sea is always risky and when there is a negligence of default of some kind involved it increases the risk even more if your loved ones died in this way know your rights and rally on an experienced Maritime lawyer to help you make a claim qualifying for Dosa communication this federal act provides compensation for the surviving dependent family members of those workers who die out at sea the death must have occurred three or more nautical miles from the U.S or the egg also only covers those who died working aboard a commercial vessel privately owned and non-commercial ships are not covered by dohsa anyone who qualifies as a dependent of the easiest uh May file a claim under the Dohsa to seek compensation this means someone who has who is paying financially supported by the killed worker and could include a spouse children siblings parents and grandparents or grandchildren are dependent of filing a claim must be able to prove that negligence in appropriate judgment or a wrongful act on the part of the ship owner contributed to the death of the semen it also must be proven that the vessel was unsure Worthy 

    there are many situations that could qualify under these guidelines for instance if you loved one work aboard a ship with equipment that was not properly maintained that represent both negligence on the part of the owner and unseaworthy vessels if that equipment caused an accident that led to death of a worker his or her dependents could make a claim through dohsa the Dohsa or d-o-h-s-a also applies to commercial aircraft and efficient accident if a plant Crush occurs Beyond 12 nautical miles from the US show dependence of the skilled can seek non-pecuniary damages this means damages for things like the laws of comfort companionship and care compensation under the dohsa you've loved one of the dishes semen can prove that the owner was negligence and that the vessel was unsure worthy he or she can make a claim through the Dohsa for the conversation the law states that disclaimants will be important recovery according to the extent of the laws pecuniary the images are awarded to cover a number of costs related to The Lost of semen this may include lost current and future financial support for dependents future cost expenses for any counseling related to death lost weight is ought to sports or other dependent including pension and benefits and the cost of household Services provided by the disease like a lawn care or maintenance the next discussion is about limitation of a Dohsa compensation 

    the Dohsa does not cover all costs related to this or to all family numbers of the workers an expose is not entitled to recover any damages nor are adult children not living at home dependent children may receive communication until they are 18 or longer if they attend college or another higher education Institution the dohsa also does not provide for non-peculiary damages except for the dependence of the teachers who meets the aviation accident requirements these types of Damages for mental Angus pain and suffering and grief are not covered by dohsa but they are covered by Feather by other Federal Maritime laws like the Jones Act there is also a standard of limitation for making a claim under this act a claim must be made within the three years of the fatal accident the process of determining negligence and of calculating lost wages and other factors to decide on compensation are complicated and take time for this reason if you need to file a it is recommended that you do it as soon as after the death as possible and then death of high C act and contributory negligence in situation in which the disease was negligence in the accident in some way deep and family members are not denied competition the negligence on the part of the teachers can contributed to his or her death is considered though it can cause the amount of Damages recovered by the dependence to be reduced from what it would have been if the disease was found not to be the negligence if you have lost someone to the high seas the laws may be devastating it can be tough to navigate the legal process of filing for the damages you are owed while also copying with your grief to find out what your rights are in your specific case rally on the asset sense of an attorney experienced with Marathon law and the death of high CSI I think that's all guys the information that I can share to you I hope this can help you and if you need information about maritime law or any information about marketing topic you are in the right Channel please in this channel we talk about it a lot and if you guys want us to talk about or discuss about the information that you need about Maritime topic you uh can just drop your comment below on the comment section and later when we have a chance we will talk about it and also if you guys have a question you can just drop your question in the comment section and later when we have the answer we will answer your question too and also don't forget to share this article to your family friends and your loved ones maybe they need information about American topic when you share this article to them it means you already helped them to get through their problem I think that's all guys the information that I can share to you I hope you can take advantage from the information that I have said to you don't forget to give like comment and subscribe bye

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