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        hi welcome back to my Channel please like comment and subscribe foreign of working with the industry on a vessel our heart even if our gym employers are careful ports Marine transportation workers face a variety of unique hazard these include first physical hazard like nose levels vibration ultraviolet light exposure line handling heavy lifting slippery surfaces step letters and narrow passageway which are exacer separated by weather conditions chemical hazards such as exposure to chemical cargo's full cleanser and Diesel X house biological Hazard that may come from the transmission of contagious disease between co-workers all working in a confined space aboard a vessel for days at a time as well as travel related infections together these three obvious Hazard coupled with more subtle situations like frantic low job control Sarah Cadian Rhythm disruption and even social isolation can contribute to the reason why fatal injuries among marketing employees are six times higher than all other U.S workers these situations are also what contributes to Common accidents that usually take place on the job first fishing related accidents working long hours in commercial features leads to fatigue which results in impreciation during work this on top of external conditions such as terrible weather and shaky movement of the vessel is the reason why 50 of marine worker accidents involve commercial fishing second injury due to inadequate training the worker cannot carry out as positive tests using tools and equipment while in the fossil due to elect of proper skill or technique it is 

    the responsibility of an employer to ensure that they provide adequate training or hire individual who show certification or qualification within a particular area third worn out or substandard equipment if the equipment used on the fossil is old and hasn't been replaced yet it carries the risk of causing an accident that can ensure people no matter how expertly the Martin worker handles it or what safety measures they try to employ the maintenance of work equipment is the responsibility of an employer fourth sleeping and falling apart a vessel because of the fossil's erectic movement while on water there is a good chance that Maritime workers may sleep or fall leading to injuries there is also a chance that an angel semen may fall into the sea or get caught between vessels while leading the cargo this is a trickiest of all injury claims because it requires putting other people at risk to save the trapped or overboard worker fifth Burns married team workers stationed in the fastest engine room are prone to coming in contract with hot oil and harmful chemicals Martin Ventures caused by accident disability of injury claims within the industry depends on the accident's impacts and where an injured semen sustained that injury regardless of whether negligence is at play or not the common word injuries employees fees include had injuries to the Head area are prevalent among marketing workers even if 

    the injury sustained seems major it is best to consult your physician first to ensure that everything is okay if you plan to pursue further communication as is within your rights you will also need proof of these Affiliates to help you build a case cracks is limbs from operating safety equipment to hauling heavy cargo it is possible to endure one's limbs during work slip and Falls while on board a bezel are also common sources of broken limbs depending on the situation an injured semen may also experience injuries serious enough to require amputation shoulder over exertion and perform then exerting for are the main causes of shoulder injuries there's also risk of incurring other injuries ringing from Sprints Mercedes dislocations and others there are training options available for individuals working within the industry that can help mitigate exertion related injuries for crucial types of Maritime compensation for Injured Workers there is a difference among marketing workers company their occupation detects the right to help which affects the laws governing them in the case of injury and accidents there are specific laws that dictate how Maritime workers can access and apply for worker compensation first general mauritium low this load requires employers to provide maintenance and Care through an injured worker they must offer a room and board or maintenance and shelter their the medical bill or cure of the workers until she or him fully reaches maximum medical improvement the employers must also pay for these living expenses which include but are not limited to food mortgage payments and insurance in this case maximum medical improvement doesn't mean that workers need to heal from the injury fully it merely reversed to the point at which further care no longer improves his or her condition even if employers are not at fault for the workers injury they are still required to follow the law and provide the 

    benefits above it is not workers compensation but it's close second Jon's art the chance Act is more serious and allows Maritime workers to sue their employers for negligence during work that caused the vessel accidents and the resulting injury the Jones act covers semen knowing as Masters or crew members of a vessel on navigable water according to the Department of Labor Siemens main objective is to fulfill the fossils purpose their Duty does not involve functions of navigation and transportation to collect their Jones a compensation the injury must have taken place on and was caused by a vessel or navigable Waters this means that the vessel has the ability to float and move under its own power The Vessel must also be on the water and not out of it or on dry docks finally it doesn't have to be moving or at Sea when the injury took place regarding navigable Waters the Jones act applies to other water bodies such as lakes and rivers used for Commerce purposes also the sea men need to spend at least 30 percent of their time working in the vessel to be eligible for compensation proving the negligence of the employers is less challenging compared to other personal injury cases the worker only needs to prove that the employees failure to improve their working conditions caused the injury there's no need for the burden or proof when it comes to this type of negligence images thank you some overwatching don't forget to like comment and subscribe

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