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The Creative Experts of Masterpiece

Let us introduce the expertise involved in the making of #MIYH Masterpiece in Your Heart - Series of Poetry for the Second Edition.

Masterpiece in Your Heart Second Edition (Platinum). Picture is taken at Marina Bay,Singapore.

The selection of these expertise are from different parts of the world. Even though the author is from Singapore, she decided to be open in engaging the individuals and take the risk this time to try something which she has not done before. Our creative team are from USA, Indonesia and The Netherlands.

The Author believes that to create something, one person is more than enough. But to develop a masterpiece that is of value, this is a need --- A combination of individuals who are great at what they do, and who does it with passion.

Author of Poems - S. Sulianah

Edited by Ms Kaitlin Severini

Cover Illustration - Mr Vadhya Hidayat

Cover Design and Book Design - Mr Euan Monaghan

Concept and Arrangements - S.Sulianah

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