Letters of a Thousand Speeches - Prose Poetry

My recently released book, a prose poetry mix with letters, which is now published is another risk which I had taken. For me sending it for publishing and printing is a risk. However, I am planning not to market it in my social media where my friends and relatives are. So, you will only hear about it here or somewhere like tumblr, twitter and tiktok.

I have already started writing the contents since seven years ago. In fact, this was like a last minute decision. The concept itself is not as per my plan. Initially, I wanted to make something like my first published book. In fact, I have already started it about a year ago but has no motivation to add in more poems as I feel like something is missing.

Then, when I decided to start this book and compiled it was based on my recent feelings which is too overwhelming compared to usual. Something which I have not feel for quite sometime, a feeling which came back after nearly a decade. The book is divided into 3 phases and the last phase was recent so it is like what I had literally did. I ended the book as I wanted to, and then in real life it happens. Weird right?

Letters of a Thousand Speeches was written mainly for 1 person. For her to know how I feel throughout the time we are together. So, it is personal yet I don't mind if anyone reads it. Nowadays, I have been managing and deciding situations in a way I have never done it before in my life. Very straightforward even though I am not. I want to change my narratives in life and not be and feel the same like how I had for the past decades. That is the reason I decided to do things differently now even though there could be consequences.

Love, S.Sulianah

The book will be released by Jan 2021 and can be purchased in Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes and Nobles and many other outlets. Advance purchase is now available in our website.

A poem can be from the heart without being maudlin or a play-by-play of a break up with all the gory details. It can be uplifting without being sentimental. It shows in my poetry book Letters Of A Thousand Speeches because love is an emotion we all feel, but don't always get to express in our lives.