Season 2 WLW Podcast Interviews and Stories Invitation

Hi, As you may have already know that our Season 1 WLW Podcast has been a success. And for Season 2, I am looking for individuals who have stories of your own to be interviewed or would like to tell your women love women story and experience in my podcast. Since WLW Podcast concept is dissecting poems and stories, you can share it many ways.

1) If you have written poems and would like to share yours and then tell a story about it.

2) You have a story. I will match it with the episodes that I will be planning.

3) You have a story and also solutions that you had experienced.

This invitation is open to anyone. No need to be famous or anything as long as you have a good story and willing to be interviewed. If you would like to promote yourself, your brand, your writings or anything, this invitation comes with those.

Women Love Women WLW Podcast Season 2 will be broadcasted by March 2021. Do keep in touch with me by email at winterscribbler (at) by 28 February 2021. Thanks!

To listen to Season 1, it is available now:


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Anchor fm

Apple Podcast

Podcast Transcripts for all episodes are available now.

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