Snippet of Letters of a Thousand Speeches Book by S.Sulianah - Prose and Poetry

Snippet of the book #LOATS​. I am so proud with the outcome of the hardcopy and its glorious looks. That is why I couldn't stop myself from making this short trailer with this cinema-like music. And also the contents. I wrote every lines and words yet when I was reading the whole book, I couldnt stop myself from saying "Fxxx You!", "Did you just used me?" and I actually cried at the end.

Personally, I feel like this is my favorite comparing with my first published book. I guessed this is because the contents are not filtered. I wrote everything that I feel like not worrying about people guessing who it is about. Sometimes when emotion cannot be expressed to the person you have feelings for, or you feel hurt, write. And maybe you can write a song about it, or like me, poems and books.

Letters of a Thousand Speeches is now is available in Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other online bookstores.

To view the full trailer of this book which is summary of what it is about in visual, go check it out here. I am also so proud of this trailer that I made. Is so sexy and beautiful.


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