The Platinum #MIYH

"These snippets are genuinely how I felt at different moments in my life. I believe the poems will resonate with people who have difficulty expressing how they feel toward others, either because they fear how these people will react or because they believe there are certain lines that one simply cannot cross.”

The Second Platinum Edition of Masterpiece in Your Heart is a poetry collection about friendships and the feelings that developed throughout their journeys, as expressed by the author, S. Sulianah.

How is this edition different from the first one? It is an improved version with six new poems, including “Cheat Code,” “Vena Amoris,” and “Shades of Platinum,” all of which are special, and personal, to the author.

Masterpiece’s platinum edition has the same structure as the previous edition in terms of the layout, arrangement, and sequence of the poems. But timeline is no longer a central theme. Also in this edition, readers will marvel at the striking photographs taken from around the world. The author has included a photo of the Pole of Cold in Siberia, the coldest place in the world. A number of these images are connected to the poems, and will entertain and emotionally engage readers.

The book’s layout, presentation, and concepts are also different from typical poetry collections. According to S. Sulianah, "When I first decided to publish these poems, they were only my own expressions. Then I was thinking, why would someone want to read about what I feel, only to be bored with it? So, I decided to produce something different. You see, poems are more than just words or stories from our imaginations. The places we have been and the things we see inter-correlate. You will notice that, throughout this book, there is no storyline. There is no beginning or end. Initially, I did arrange the poems based on the time they were written, but then I decided to mix it up. If there are no rules in how a book of poems should be written, why do we have to constrict our minds and ideas? Writing poetry is an art, and creativity has no restrictions. It should be entertaining and meaningful; however, it can also be personal, from an individual’s perspective. This is what Masterpiece in Your Heart is portraying.”



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