Why WLW Podcast?

Talking on a medium like radio and podcast is one of my biggest fears. The last time I spoke in a radio was an interview by 938Live for one of the services I offered under my another company. I hated it when relistening to the conversation because firstly I hate my voice. Find it annoying to listen to my own sound. And secondly, I should had shut up more and not say hmm yes yes while the interviewer was asking me questions. This was about 10 years ago. By the way, the interviewer was hot and her gorgeous appeal doesn't help my nerves.

I decided to do this podcast during Covid-19 lockdown right after I tendered my resignation from the company where I have been working for 13 years. It is like one of my plans when I decided to run my own companies full-time.

Whatever I was writing in Masterpiece in Your Heart book which was purchased by my friends and relatives were like something which I did not tell anyone except for my ex-colleagues who are now my friends. I felt like a strong urge to tell the stories of those poems I have written. The overwhelming feelings bottling up in my mind and heart is too much that I need to share it in a podcast.

Those poems are written in words that no one could suspect who it is about or to be exact who is this "he". I am no Taylor Swift who could cloud those words with POVs of a guy or another girl. I will try someday but I just couldn't bear the thoughts of my experiences to be in a guy's POV. And anyway, I am a no famous person so I could write whatever I feel like it without the press or general public trying to pinpoint what or who I was writing about.

Creating this podcast was actually challenging for me. The steps to start a podcast is actually not that difficult. But to say it out loud was. In fact, when I was recording those, I feel like my voice is constrained. Writing the script was no brainer but to say it out loud wondering what if someone I know listened to this was making me felt controlled.

I did researched for quite sometime on how to produce podcast and the idea to read the poems and talked about it came when I was probably in the shower or on my bed. I guess apart from the reasons to promote my book and myself as an author, probably there is this deep desire for me to tell the truth. Instead of telling to my close friends and family, I decided to tell the whole world or whoever is listening to it.

The only person who knows about my podcast are three of my ex-colleagues, and one of them already started to listen to it while driving. He is one of the allies. And he seems to be proud that everything are very direct.

Season 1 which consist of 10 episodes are already out as at Dec 2020. I am looking forward to write Season 2 and record it by March 2021. The upcoming season will be about the new book which I have just published, titled Letters of a Thousand Speeches which is a prose poetry and mix with letters written to someone.

Ended my 2020 with a good note even though the year is filled with many unpleasant events around the world. I hope everyone out there are in good shape.

Women Love Women (WLW) Podcast is now available in Spotify, Apple, Google Podcast, Anchor.fm etc.

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