"The poet captures scenes and moments then explores them in poetry. It has a magical feel of transporting you into that moment, which for the theme of love is essential. Overall a delightful collection that is well put together and transports you to those most moving moments in life."

~ LOUIS CECILE, Poetry Author


Writer using her own word to touch your heart through her Lesbian's love story. Every single word appear in the book is so real and true. It touch my heart especially "I don't want to lose you again" this statement. Simple yet but sometime it is so hard to make it come true. Who wanna lose someone which u been waiting for her so long?

A book will make you to know what is struggle part of lesbian love. Support LGBTQ+


Love is the most important part of any relationship and the writer has stung together a series of feelings like love, struggle, sorrow , happiness craziness etc with such beautiful words in this book .

What a book its so poetic and full of emotions. Looking forward to read such Masterpieces in future from her.

All the best to such talented writer !! Hugs


When you fall in love and you're an intelligent artist... You talk with your pen.

When you fell in love but defies the 'norms' of society and having doubts whether to be open about it or not... Well, make a book!

It's a superb book that needed a bit of patience and intelligence to digest. Finish from start to end for you to understand how wonderful it is.

Two thumbs up!

An avid fan of Siti Sulianah,
Jericho Julian