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Season 1 Episode 1

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Hiii, Welcome to the WLW Podcast. Ah well, WLW stands for Women Love Women.


This podcast is obviously has nothing to do with any sports. This is where I will analyse poems, song lyrics and scripts where there are subtexts that could mean anything but straight. I love to read or sometimes to song lyrics by certain artists, I will be like hmmmm did I hear that correctly? Did she just say refer to that person as she? Or sometimes like hmmm, is she talking about wanting to marry him or her?


Why I decided to this?

Okay, frankly I enjoyed going into this rabbit hole analysing and interpreting body language, eye contact and subtle touches. So, I am thinking why not share it with people who are interested to listen to my analysis, and I could at least go in-depth with it.


Alright, so basically, I would like to start a few of these episodes with the poems I have published in a book. Then, I will gradually add in new analysis from the collection of poems, song lyrics and scripts.


Just a disclaimer alert, my analysis will be just for entertainment and to see whether it make sense. So, let us have fun alright.

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In this episode, I will read a poem from one of my published book, Masterpiece in Your Heart. This series of prose poetry is expressed in a timeline, from the beginning when it all started. How some feelings can be so clear, yet the only solution I can think of is getting away from it.   

I have chosen to start with a poem which was written on the 20 March 2014. This is, “Those Times Untold.”

The first time I met you 
I avoided looking into your eyes 

Part of my heart was hooked 

The second time 
I consciously told myself not to again 
Avoiding the attraction you emitted 
Avoiding myself through this same old thing 
That will end up in disappointment 

This time 
We had the ample time 
To talk 

I swiftly opened the door for you 
But, you insisted I go ahead 
During that time 
I simply thought it was nothing 

This moment 
I am so glad you did that 
As I felt the only exception 
Though that gesture might be normal for you 
Your look of hope . . . probably 
That I should join in the dinner 
And that unexpected touch of your hand with mine 
Before we parted ways 

The third time we met 
I was looking forward to it 

I did not expect that I would have the chance to sit beside you 
Let alone chat 
And be your partner 

I accepted the cake you offered 
Though I was not really into it 

You offered the door 
You made me felt different that day 
Just you talking to me 

Your smile and the way you speak 
Brightens my night 

That special day 
I remembered how flushed I felt 
Hopefully . . . not that blatant 

That unexpected hug made my night 

As of recent 
I could not stop myself 
From looking at the photos of us 
Taken candidly 
Molding comfortably 

Us, spaces away from the others 
At every scenes 

That short glance between us 
Was overwhelming 
That I will never understand 

Those times and moments 
You seem to be closer to me 
You and that person 
In many instances 

Just you and me 
Just three of us 

Seems intentional 
Or probably just my usual imagination

His and your intelligence are a charm

The last time we met 
You were as appealing as you ever were 
That final touch 
Strong and natural 
Brightens my day 

I know once again 
It will just be this 
This untold and unspoken attraction 
That will last as it is 

We have heard many times that our eyes are the window to our soul. That means when we are happy, angry, excited or sad, it will be visible to others. But it also depends if the other person is close to us enough in some way that could feel because sometimes one couldn’t.


I am the type of person who will normally make sure I make eye contact with the other person I am talking to, when someone else does that to me, it means a lot. It will be like the other person is allowing me to walk with them on this route to how they think and feel.


And when it comes to someone whom we are into, it could also mean to fall deeper to that rabbit hole with them. That is why sometimes, if I am worried that I will fall in love with this gorgeous person, I will try to divert my eyes away from them.

And have you tried using the magic of eye contact when you are flirting?

If yes you have done it before, how does it work for you?


I cannot believe that it is fun to try this and it actually works most of the time. So, sometimes doesn’t matter whether the girl is straight or not, it will work. There will be at the least I can see the slightest response to it such as smile, or returning that same look again. There was one time at a restaurant, genuinely I was flirting with the girl who served me and my friend. So at the end of the night when I went to make payment, she insisted her colleague that she would like to handle mine. Even though her colleague was like it is ok, he will do it. The girl insisted and she did end up managing my bill behind the counter.


Honestly, I enjoyed this flirting technique, which is the subtle version not the type where I will go to a person’s table and say hi, can I buy you a drink, type. And I love to see the outcome of it to what extent my capabilities and my guessing are accurate. Whether the person will be interested in me, or is she gay? Or is she straight but partly interested in women.

Have you heard the meme or joke about this in tumblr or social media? Ermm how could actors not fall in love with their co-star in love scenes when I will fall in love and think about this stranger who opens the door for me for 6 months.


Opening the door for someone is common especially if the person looks like he or she needs your help. That is a sign of someone who is helpful, and courteous.


On the other hand, have you ever done something like this with someone whom you know and secretly interested in? At times, I will be the one who will open the door for my friends or random strangers if I am there by the door.


Normally if a guy opens the door for me, could be friends or strangers, it is a very nice gesture. But when a woman does that to me? Well, there is once in my lifetime especially when that is complemented with that slight smile. There is always that special smile that you think it is only meant for you. And I have been thinking about it since then.


She is actually a friend of one of my closest friends. On that day, I had been looking forward to talk to her all day. Then, we had this opportunity to chat while walking towards a fast food restaurant.


As natural as possible, I opened the door and invited her to go in first. Like usual, I will do that when I am interested in someone. That is like the 101 Guide to Flirting doesn’t matter whether you are straight or not. But then, she insisted not to enter. Instead, she gestured to me go ahead first while she holds the door. She did it with that shades of confidence, and that damn eye contact which I mentioned earlier. And like a normal human being, I melted.

This podcast is brought to you by Winter Scribbler Publishing. Where reality and imagination turn into delicate harmony of scripts and illustrations.


I am normally so competitive that I want to win in games. That is why sometimes I will sigh heavily when group of friends decided to play games. Then I have to act as if I am calm.


Coincidently on that day, I was paired up with this same person, this friend who opened the door for me. It was such a nerve wrecking situation. Not because I was being competitive or wants to win. This time, we were brought together on a same team, and it was a team of two. I know I feel tensed especially I have got to be so close to her. I can feel that and when I am tensed, I will be like a rock.


I mean ladies, don’t you all feel like that. You might have look forward to meeting this person you miss so much. Then when you finally meet her, you will be speechless, and it will be like a nerve-wrecking situation happens plus that awkward interaction. Like everything you planned before you meet her will be haywire in your brain cell. And then things like should I smile, should I laugh, should I stand next to her, all the “should I” will be in your head. Isnt it?

When I wrote this poem, I was very detailed on the things that happened just so it will remind me in the future that even the smallest kindness could make me happy.


That is why, I even talked about the cake. We all love cake. I mean most of us, don’t we? Have you ladies experience a situation when you do not have any appetite but then someone you are into, gave you a slice of something. What did you do? So, this happened when she gave me a slice of pandan cake. I love pandan cake but that day I was like has no appetite. Frankly, is because she was right infront of me. I always don’t have the appetite when someone I have a crush on is there with me. I don’t knw why. I took it though, and emptied my plate in no time.

When we began this episode, I talked about how eye contact is a route to a person’s heart. I would like to end it with the magnetic force of a smile.

Since I was small, my mum reminded me to smile to people including those we do not know and not to look so serious all the time. I remember everytime I looked serious, she will tell me not to frown and look friendly. Pffft.. Well, maybe it started from when I was small then.


Recently, I just realised about how our smile could have an impact to someone’s life.

Maybe our smile and our hi’s to a stranger or even to our neighbours could make a difference to them in some way. Maybe our smile could lighten up someone’s bad day. Maybe our smile could make someone forget about how bad their day was at work. Maybe our random smile to a stranger could make her or his day better. We dnt knw.


Then when I grow up, I realised that smiling could also be used as a tool to flirt.

There is this specific type of smile that I think could melt any individual’s heart. Someone could do it to you or you could do it to them.


But one thing I am sure is that one of the formulas to someone’s heart and soul is through that specific type of smile, that eye contact combines with the intention to flirt. That could make yours and that person’s day as beautiful as the blue sky.  


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Alright babes, if you have anything that you would like to share based on your experiences with women whom you were or are attracted to, pls do send us an email. And if you don’t mind me sharing to the listeners in our upcoming episodes, do note it in the email. I would be happy to share.

Thank you for listening. And see you all soon!