WLW Women Love Women PODCAST is a lesbian podcast written and produced by The WLW Podcaster and Author of Letters of a Thousand Speeches, S.Sulianah

Season 1 Episode 10

podcast transcript

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I am closing this season with a medley of six poems which were all written between 2014 to 2017. Since it is a medley, I will read it like how a medley of songs will sound like.

I am closing this season with these poems is because of how special it is to me in some way. And also, it is a transition to my new published book.


The poem Perfect Everything is specially written because I feel like it is not only meant for that one person I am writing about. In general, it is useful for anyone who feels like they are lacking in areas like looks, talent, personality when in fact they have everything in life. They have a perfect body, doesn’t matter the size or weight, a perfect face and organs, and personality that would appeal to those whom they will have chemistry with. We cannot expect that we will fit with everyone in this world.


This poem is my way of telling her that she has everything that any woman would want.


And also, if she needed a compliment, this poem is how I am praising her perfect look.

Grasping Ice Cold Air is a poem which I wrote right after I told my ex-colleagues who are now my friends about my inclinations and interest towards this same person. This was like a generic self-declaration and I didn’t really tell everything in detailed. One of them was telling me years later, that she still thinks that I was kidding.

This podcast is brought to you by Winter Scribbler Publishing. Where reality and imagination turn into delicate harmony of scripts and illustrations.

Anatomy, Shades of Platinum, Vena Amoris and Cheat Code were written around the same time. This was after four years of us not seeing each other. I came out with these from my perspectives of how I feel when she is now with someone else. Disclaimer alert that it is from my interpretation and how I feel.  I have no idea what she feels though. Never asked.

I decided to name this poem as Anatomy is because of how our friendship is physical. It is like an automatic reflex where I could hold her hand whenever I wanted to and she will normally respond positively. Whenever I feel naturally inclined to intertwine my fingers with her, she does it too with me.


These moments always happened when I know our friends were not looking and we are out of sight.


Like I mentioned this happened after she is with someone. Vena Amoris is how I described the ring on her finger. I wanted so badly to tell her that time about how I feel but I know that it is now impossible. While I am saying this, I am surprised that I have the thoughts about telling her since years ago.


Shades of Platinum is basically her hair colour during that time. And since I have been into HTML coding for quite sometime, I love to use codes in my writings. So, I decided to use the colour code #8B008B. Maybe you can guess what it is that colour. Intentionally, I did not write the colour here just so anyone who is not interested to know  who I am writing about will not take the time to find out.


And lastly, Cheat Code is also again inspired by my interest in html coding. Instead of using the word space, I replaced it with &nbsp while <header> is like a metaphor for the main highlight of my day.

When I was writing this book, like I said it was inspired by the gorgeous London girl I met at Delhi, India. And the cover page was like a representation of her.


And when I was compiling the suitable poems to fit this book, those which I had selected were more of the hi and goodbyes with the ones who I have met throughout the years. These women who had stolen my heart, but they didn’t know about it. That is why I am really cautious when I am releasing this podcast hoping that none of my friends and people I know, listen to this.    


And when I am planning this podcast episodes, I didn’t realized until now that about 40% of my poems which are published in this book is about one same person compared to the others which is maybe like one or two. And this one same person seems to be the one who inspired my second published book, Letters of a Thousand Speeches.

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Alright babes, thank you for listening throughout the season. From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate it. I will be taking a break for a moment before releasing Season 2 which will be out by early 2021.


I am looking forward for your feedbacks and if you have anything for me to analyse, like song lyrics and poems related to stories of women who love women, pls do send me an email. All the best, Loves! And Stay safe.

Thank you for listening. And see you all next year!