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Season 1 Episode 2

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Hi Guys. Welcome to Episode 2 of the WLW Women Love Women Podcast. I hope you guys have an amazing day today.


This episode, Epilogue of Hope, is named after one of the poems written in Masterpiece in Your Heart. As usual, I will start by reading the poems which was written on the 12th August 2015. And then, I will tell you the story of how this poem started.

I like the way you skidded your car to stop me 
I like the way you buzzed your car when you saw me 
I have been longing to meet you again 
Even though my heart whispers, “Please, don’t . . .” 

Your sudden appearance 
For weeks of lullaby to your absence 
Your presence is my distraction 

You are definitely an impossible 
We are an impossible 

I love how all these moments with you had evolved 
From ignoring my presence 
To how we are now 

Your smiles 
Your humor 
Your pleasantness 
Your warmth 
Your wit 

The good news
I could not hide my shade of dim 
The shadows of uncertainty 
The gloom of my smiles 

Mountains of walls begin to fence up 
Enveloping my thoughts 
Shackling my epilogue of hope

You see, I never believed stories or movies when the main character falls in love with the girl next door or boy next door, or they will be attracted to their neighbour, then look forward to meeting their neighbour at the corridor, or sharing food with their neighbour for flirting purpose. Just to be clear, I don’t believe it because I dnt see any potential with any neighbours of mine. Hmmm except for that one time I saw this girl years ago who randomly smiled at me while I was with my bike under the block. I guessed she just came back from studying overseas cos she was with her Caucasian friend with huge luggages. I cannot recognise her face though.


I was inspired to write this poem when reality happened to me.

I realized that I kept looking forward to those time I could see this particular neighbour of mine. Every time I will find reasons to go downstairs, find reasons to go out to the nearby shops or even just walk by the area expecting that I could see her. I chose the best timing which will be like there is high probability I could “accidentally” meet with my neighbour downstairs. Sounds familiar? Yeah.. like in the movies that you don’t believe anything is even possible isn’t it?

A little backstory about her.

Alright, this neighbour of mine has been staying in the same apartment block as mine for years. Her mum is like a family friend to my late grandmother’s. They have known each other for very long time. I knew them and I knows she exists, but I don’t remember seeing her around that often except for her mum.


The day when this started was during an election day. Me and my family coincide with her and her mum while we were heading to the voting station which is just a block away from ours. That was when I saw her up close the first time.


I have heard about her and seen her years years ago actually I couldn’t even remember when and how she looks.


During that election day, when we greet her mum, she didn’t say hi to me. Wait, I don’t remember whether she did but high chances is no. I heard rumours that she is the type who is not friendly, so I didn’t have that high expectation that she will greet me or my parents.


But becos she is quite gorgeous. Okay wait, quite is not the word to use here. She IS very attractive and literally stunning, and I am the type who like challenges so, what I did was to make the first move .. to smile and said hi to her.  She responded with a tiny, slight smile. That is it, you know. That is it all. In my heart, I was like, okay letz see to what extent you can be like that to me.

Surprisingly, after that day, I see her quite often. Whenever we saw each other, she responded to my hi and goodbyes like we have known each other for years. We will stop and chat for awhile and all our subjects of conversations were like random. Nothing specific. I will find topics out of the blue. Or sometimes I will plan what to say when I meet her again beforehand.


Normally, I guessed accurately on the timing that we would meet “coincidentally”. U know like as if it is coincidence. It is either she was parking her car, or she is on the way out to work or she just came back from somewhere. Or I was like on my way to the shop, or I just came back from classes or work.


This goes on for about a year if I remember correctly. I had fun with those moments, and she was like a good distraction from my boring life.


Oh, there was one time I shared with her about my solo trip to London and Europe and then told her how I gave an excuse to my dad that I am going there for a short course (which I literally did), and then she go on and called me a brat.

I never felt happy to be called that in my life. Right, if you all meet me outside, you can use that as you wish to.


And one of my best moments with her that inspired me to write this specific poem, was when she was driving at the carpark. She just came back from somewhere while I was walking towards the café near my place.


She was driving to the area where she normally parks her car. Then, she skids the car elegantly and go about honking a few times at me.


Those were accompanied with her beaming smile like she was so happy. I acted cool though cos I saw her car before that happened and was prepared in advance in case she saw me.

This podcast is brought to you by Winter Scribbler Publishing. Where reality and imagination turn into delicate harmony of scripts and illustrations.

Okay as usual, there is always a point where our pining and anticipation for someone will stop.


She ended up getting married. From what I understand is that she was kind of being pressured to get married because of her age which I guessed probably in the mid-40s but she doesn’t look like one. I heard that finally, there is someone of her race or origin is interested in her.


Basically, of all those years, that year which I know her in person, this happened. How fated are all these?

Babes, I was and am fine. This experience was like you know a great moment with someone I already know it is only a distraction to fill my days with wonderment.


Personally, it was also a good achievement for me that I could turn someone who is not friendly to me and find common grounds. I managed to the things I want like in those romcom girl next door. I managed to impress her with my baked pasta. Cooking for someone I like is like my typical signature move.

We have heard many times that the first time we meet someone if we find them arrogant and dislike them for no reason, at some point they will ended up as your best friend or your spouse.


Well babes, this is one of those classic examples.

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