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Season 1 Episode 3

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Namaskaar Guys. Welcome to WLW Episode 3, Wonderland of Imagination. I hope you guys have an amazing day today.


Before we begin, I would like to start this episode with Mai Tumse Pyaar Karti Hu (Mei Tumse Pyar Karti Hu).


Imagination has been part of our life since we are young. It is like where we will seclude ourselves from reality and visualize all the wonderful moments that we want. So, Wonderland of Imagination, was inspired around Dec 2015. Here it is for you.

That moment when you smiled 
Inches away from me 
Flashing your beautiful crystal-clear eyes 
With that confidence 
Intimidating me 

Meeting new people with confidence 
That is my forte 
But with you 
It was different 

Your sparkling eyes 
I wondered what color they were 
Pretty, comely green 
Mysterious gray 

Awestruck by your presence at that mezzanine 
Walking towards us with grace 
My heart mildly lingered to a beat 

When you started to speak to me 
Instead of the others 
I knew that was the flinch to my worries 

The walls that I built 
They were not as strong as I’d thought 

I built my confidence 
Within those minutes of opportunity 
Exchanging curiosity 
Where you are from 
What you are doing here 

I noticed that you glanced at me 
I took that chance to eliminate my intimidation 
Towards you

Fifteen minutes 
We talked 
I suggested we take pictures 
As I did not want you to slip out from my mind 
And this from your mind 

I feel your hand around me 
Your head rests on mine 
Your beautiful curly hair sending shivers up my skin 
Your touch sneaks through my soul 

Moments of that 
Still clear in my mind

When I reached for you 
A year later 
You were gone 

It’s taken months to years 
From just those few minutes 
Traces of your presence 
Your smile 
Overwhelm my heartbeat 

That December 
We were meant to meet once 
And then never 

Though the urge to meet you 
Brought me to the places of 
my dreams 
I will never regret 

When I reached for you again 
You were . . . gone

You knew nothing about this 
That is all on me 

I knew from the beginning 
Avoidance has been the appropriate move 
I let your presence illuminate 
my senses 

The wonderlands of imaginations 
Yet, not possible


This poem is one of those few that was written in more than a page.


What inspired me to write these poems in Masterpiece in Your Heart?

This book is created after meeting one of those people who appeared in my life only a short moment, but she made a huge difference in some way. More to being an indirect push for me to go ahead and publish this book. Being a writer and having a published book is one of my dreams since I was 14.


Avoiding beautiful people or whoever that could be too appealing to me is like my go-to formula when socializing. Because the consequences after talking to them could last long which sometimes will be too overwhelming and eventually could hurt me in many ways.

Personally, I was not sure whether I believe in love at first sight. Attracted to someone the moment the eyes met is for me impossible because how could you fall in love with someone before knowing who she is or what is her name.


This poem which I wrote is inspired by falling in love at the first sight or to be safe, attracted to someone at the first sight.


This was when I was visiting Delhi, the capital city of India about ten years ago. It was during winter in December. I went there with an ex-colleague of mine. We were invited by our colleague who was getting married in Bareily.


On one of the days after the wedding, both of us visited the historic monument well-known as Raj Ghat at the heart of Delhi. Raj Ghat is a memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. It was a very cooling that day, and the sky was grey.

This moment happened when we were at the 2nd floor of the monument. This place is an open area where from the second floor you can see everything below and beyond the monument. My colleague and I were standing and looking around at that spot. When I turned towards the slope where we came from, I saw this person with a long curly hair, she was wearing a stylish classy fur like black coat. She was a tiny bit smaller than me like more to a moderate height, and slender. She was walking up the slope towards our direction.


Then my colleague, who is now one of my closest friends, lets call him Harry. He bumped my elbow to signal to me to look towards the same woman I was actually looking at, at that moment. He said, “Oh my god, oh my good look there. She is so gorgeous.” I was already awe-struck seconds before that signal but I acted like as if I didn’t notice her before.


I can say that my eyes couldn’t stop staring at her from the moment she was about 200metres away from us until she was right in front of us. She started to smile at us and greeted with a hi to us. And then, she walked pass by us. If I am not wrong, I did reply to her. I was blanked, frankly. But I was fully aware that both of us, me and Harry continued staring at her until she disappeared from our sight.


Babes, since that day, I have never seen a gorgeous, stunning woman like that. As of to date, which is already ten years ago, she is still in the top of the list of the most gorgeous woman I have met in my entire life.


She is like the real-life version of those women you see in movies and then you cannot stop talking about how beautiful this person is. She looks like those actresses in Hindi movies.

This podcast is brought to you by Winter Scribbler Publishing. Where reality and imagination turn into delicate harmony of scripts and illustrations.

As usual, as a normal human being who is already awe-struck by a beautiful person, I look forward to seeing her again there.


For your information, during that time, Raj Ghat was not crowded. There were like less than thirty visitors in the premise.


Guess what? We saw her at the centre of the monument, but we acted cool like as if we didn’t see her. Harry already signalled me again when he saw her there.

As usual you know, act cool.


Then finally, at the exit area where we need to collect our shoes, we met her again. This was like face to face. Babes, her eyes, her chin, her cheekbones. No words can describe how perfect those features are. Well, again not surprising, I couldn’t speak.


This girl saw us, this time the smile is wider than earlier. And then she came to me and speak something to me in Hindi.  She repeated a few times ‘ek rupee’. And I was like just staring at her eyes, no response. I am no kidding. I literally did not respond cos I was strucked by her beauty.


Firstly, she thought that I am an Indian. Not surprising, I got that a lot.

And secondly, wait… I dnt know what is in my second point anymore.

Okay, we have to pay to collect our shoes which we left at the storage earlier. At that time, I was thinking ek rupee means how much is it? How would I know what to reply. Actually, ek rupee is one rupee. I only know this after I came back home and asked my Indian colleagues.


So, Harry offered her some coins while I just stood there like as if I don’t understand anything. She then asked my name and you will be surprised that I couldn’t even utter a word. Thank you to Harry. He replied for me.


I mean like have you babes experienced like this before.? Like if you see a gorgeous woman, you will be lost under their gaze and couldn’t say anything.

Yeah that is what I thought.

Do share with me your experiences. I would love to hear stories.

After that, three of us walked outside of the area towards our drivers. We chat for a moment while waiting for them.  


Basically, since I do not want our friendship to end there, I suggested to take pictures together and then from there I was thinking that we could still keep in touch through Facebook. So, my friend suggested a wefie which is literally a good idea. I am not sure whether is because she is brought up in a place like London that makes her so cool to take photo as close as possible to me or is just her nature to be friendly.


Because if I am new to a person or when travelling like that, I will not take pictures with stranger so close like that for safety reasons and also to be cautious. I mean you won’t know. Doesn’t matter whether you are of the same gender or not.


That is one of the shortest interactions in my life that make me think about it for nearly 3 years. Honestly, I have no complains about that, because it is fated that we meet there. And that interactions brought me to the places of my dreams.

Because of that interactions, it encouraged or I can say gave me a push to go to London, Paris and Switzerland as my first solo trip. Travelling to those places were my dreams and if I didn’t have the bait to go to meet her, I will end up delaying my plans.


Our plan was to meet each other but coincidently she was in France. Thinking about it ten years later, I am glad that we did not end up meeting in London.


What I learnt from this beautiful encounter is how there are always reasons we meet with someone in our life, however brief the interaction is.


There was one time, I was so stressed cos I could not achieve the grades B or A for my psychology modules when I was taking my Bachelor. I have no idea what are the areas that I need to improve. It was so tensed that I felt like crying. Then, one afternoon at one of the Long John Silver’s outlets, while I was having my lunch, an old woman asked whether she can join me. And I said yes. She was probably about 70 to 90 years old.


While we were having our lunch, she started talking about her daughter who was at that time studying in Australia. Her daughter is working part-time and studying full-time there. And do you know how coincidence was that her daughter is also taking Psychology? When she mentioned psychology, I was suddenly excited. This woman told me she could see that by my expression. She said it seems like I suddenly lit up when she mentioned that. So, she shared with me about how her daughter worked through work and school, which is exactly similar to my story.


And from that moment, all my worries transformed immediately from 100 to 1. I am not kidding. It changed me immediately and then by fate or universal energy, I got to learn something that is I accidentally looked at how a classmate of mine wrote her psychology essay. So, I improved mine to see whether it works. Guess what, since that moment my results changed from C, D to A and Bs. And also, since that moment, I had confidence to write articles, published it in websites, write poems and now publish my own books.


This kind of encounter with strangers by random is now common to me. Somehow, somewhere if I am disappointed, worried, or my day is bad, I will meet with random strangers in the lift, sometimes cab drivers, sometimes my neighbours and then they will tell me stories which is exactly the same as mine with somewhat solutions or positive outcomes. Then after that, in an instant, I will be motivated and most of the times those problems aren’t even a problem in the first place.


As for this case, this encounter with the stunning girl in Delhi was a drive for me to chase my dream and reminded me of my actual goal which I had set when I was 14.   

Phir Milege (Fir Mi Leng Ge).

Dhanya Waad (Dan-nia Vad).

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Alright babes, if you have anything that you would like to share on your experiences with women whom you were or are attracted to, pls do send us an email. And if you don’t mind me sharing to the listeners in our upcoming episodes, do note it in the email. I would be gladly to share.