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Season 1 Episode 5

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Hello Babes. Welcome to episode 5 of Women Love Women WLW Podcast.


I am looking to this episode. Finally I can discuss about a song written by my favourite artist, Ms Taylor Swift. Alrite, just to be clear before I start this.


I am the type of Taylor Swift’s fan who went to her concerts. I have been to her concert, RED, 1989, and have even travelled to Tokyo Japan for her reputation concert. I am also the type who bought her physical albums for myself and as gifts for my friends. And I am also the type who bought her merchandise which consists of bags, t-shirts, pins, guitar strings, hoodies, hoodies and hoodies from all of her album eras.


So, in short, I am a certified Swifty.

You might be asking why, of all songs, I decided to start analysing hers instead of other artists? Well, firstly, her songs are closer to my heart. And secondly, it seems like the lyrics to her songs have been a popular topic over the recent years.


I decided to decipher some of her songs here because I have been questioning and wondering too on certain songs written by her. I have never had the chance to discuss this with anyone in detailed but since I am doing this podcast, I thought why not. Anyway, there have been a lot of chatter in our fandom and even in articles. So, why not?


Let me tell you abit of a backstory on how I fall in love with Taylor. Like my love life, I too had avoided Taylor. I caught the glimpse of her purple dress years ago on a billboard at one of the bus stops.


I was not sure at that time who or what that advertisement was for. I only saw her dress and quickly turned away because part of me told me to not look at her. Because once I do, I will fall for her and then I will end up indulging into her songs and eventually finding out more about this person.  

Then one day, I went for karaoke with my old friends from high school.

And one of the girls decided to sing Love Story by our Taylor.


Well, there goes my curiosity. I heard the song lyrics and melody, and there and then I fall for it. Since that day, I searched for her in Youtube. Watched her TV performances in Youtube, her performances recorded by fans in concerts, and listened to all of her songs from that album, Speak Now and the ones before that including watching her daily Vlogs. This was at the end of her Speak Now era, which explains the purple dress poster. This era had ended if I was not mistaken and the current Swifties at that time were heading towards her RED era.  

RED was like my first most favourite album of hers. I didn’t think so much of anything except for some lines in Love Story which I will talk about it later.


Okay the one that I was enticed to Taylor’s song lyrics, which I started to become curious was in her 1989 era. This song called How You Get the Girl.


Frankly, during that time, I really don’t care about who she dated, any gossips, rumours, existing fandoms etc. I was not interested because her songs and lyrics are the ones that made me jumped into the Swifty train.


However, the one that brought me to the Gaylor’s fandom train was this song. From the title and the lyrics, I was already curious. Let’s put aside the story in articles that she said this song is for her friend, Selena Gomez and her boyfriend at that time. Although the news sound legit, I still find that it just doesn’t fit. Listen, I was fresh and I was analysing from a neutral point of view alrite.

Firstly, the story in the lyrics is too detailed like, she is telling us the listeners, okay guys listen this is from my experience. I am giving you these tips. To make your girl special, have pictures of her in frames with you in the house. Place it everywhere on the walls, in the bedroom.  


And then there is this part… is this even a tip to attract your girl? I ask you babe. Why do u need to go to the extent to be drenched in the rain? Is this a movie?  I mean like okay if coincidently it is raining, and we are on the way to our girlfriend’s place, yeah I mean it is possible. Something you cannot avoid.


In the chorus the way she delivered the song is like she is telling someone to follow her tips on how to get the girl proudly. Like I am telling you now confidently, it will work. Cos I have tried. You know that kind of saying.  

Firstly, I don’t understand how she knows this if she has no experience doing it. It is so specific. And why why why would you write a story for your friend’s relationship. I mean like yeah there are people who does that probably but how could you relate to it? When I write my poems I don’t even have the view of another person. I tried, but ended up writing from my perspective especially when it relates to feelings and very detailed behaviour.


I mean probably Taylor could. She is a genius song writer who could write from someone else’s perspective in detailed, or write a song as an advice for someone else like for instance this song. Hmmmm… I don’t know.  


When I read this in 2020, which is such a coincidence, coincides with my recent life, I literally could relate to it. I could relate my life to the part which she wrote she has not seen this person for 6 months. And she is afraid if she were to tell her how she feels, this friend will maybe avoid her. I mean like I do too decided to do this recently. And I have pictures of friends but I make this specific person’s picture the main one compared to the other friends’ in my room.

And I literally experience similar story which I clearly has lost my mind and feelings that were too too too overwhelming and this time I cannot handle it, so I decided to distant myself from her. Now listen, these lines cannot be imagine I am so sorry Taylor.


But that is it. I feel like the chorus is like a distraction to make this song not be too obvious. I might be wrong, but I feel like I can be right about my analysis.



Normally when my guy friends asked my opinion like “Hey, is that what girls like?” “If I want to attract this girl to be my gf, is this the correct way?”

When I was acting straight that time, I will say normally yeah what I know is that is what girls like but not all girls will like it though.

I mean I will give like a generic reply.


But with those friends who knows my attraction to women, I will say in detailed like yeah, maybe flirt a bit with her. Like if she is interested to be with you, she will respond to you when you accidentally hold her hands. Or she will respond to your texts immediately instead of ignoring it and wait to reply for hours. I will give my views with more detail, filled with confidence and not generalizing. I will use some experiences of mine to help this friend of mine.


Ah well, since this song was released, I started to be curious about the way she writes her lyrics.

This podcast is brought to you by Winter Scribbler Publishing. Where reality and imagination turn into delicate harmony of scripts and illustrations.

And then I ended up re-listening to Love Story and look into the lyrics. That was when I questioned myself whether that song is about a man? Is Romeo a man or a metaphor? Is Romeo the person she is in love with, and she considered herself as Juliet? Or Romeo could be her in this song, while Juliet is someone she is in love with.


Anyway, I love the part “Marry me Juliet… You will never have to be alone…” From my perspective, of all the parts in this song, this part is like so obviously written as the core of the whole story. Direct and it is what it is.


Also, during her intro of Love Story in her concerts she kept highlighting that it is about a guy whom her parents told her to not be with and apparently now, she agreed to her parent’s decision telling her to leave the guy. So, this is normally what she tells us.

We will look into Taylor’s song’s lyrics for other episodes in this podcast. If you guys have any suggestions, do send me a message and I will look into lyrics written by other artists. I am planning to also share with you on how some lyrics are beautifully written for same gender relationships such as Secret Love Song by Little Mix.

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Alright babes, if you have anything that you would like to share on your experiences with women whom you were or are attracted to, pls do share. And if you don’t mind me sharing to the listeners in our upcoming episodes, I would be happy to.  

Thank you for listening. And see you all soon!