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Season 1 Episode 6

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In this episode, we will talk about how our love life could relate to Taylor Swift’s songs. When I was beginning to fall in love with her music, I kept seeing articles and interviews that says her songs are relatable to her fans who are in relationship with their boyfriends or ex-boyfriends or the guys they have a crush on.


When I started to love her songs, I tried to put those puzzles from her song lyrics into my puzzles of the guys I like or maybe I had crush on. So, let me share with you some.

Love Story as I mentioned in Episode 5 was the first song that made me fall in love with Taylor. I tried to relate the song with the guy I used to be attracted to when I was in secondary school. So, the only part I could match it was the one-liner when it says that they we were both quite young when they first met each other.


So, I tried to relate it with those guys I went out for dates with. Hmmm, I cannot even share it here because I couldn’t fit any of those songs with them. But this recent one or two years, I could relate the whole song to someone. We knew each other from secondary school and every time I want to find comfort, I will have flashbacks of us when we were both in school and randomly smile at each other. Randomly, she approached me at the school foyer while I was with my friends. And I wish I could ask her to tell her how we could run away now.  Yeah, those I can relate.


During the 1989 era, Taylor’s songs were being debated that it is about her friendship with Karlie Kloss and Dianna Agron from Glee which explains some gender-neutral use in the lyrics and some lyrics linking to their hangouts. That is when my brain started to reanalyse the whole songs that she has written all these while. When I relistened to it, I could relate it to my own stories. Those moments that I experienced which I tried to deny or let it go thinking that it is nothing, this time become more meaningful.


The song’s lyrics became more evidently practical to my real life, and it seems like she knows exactly my life story, line by line.   

Another song in 1989 that is a bit similar to Wildest Dreams is “I know Places”.


I always have this song in mind when I feel like if ever this someone would feel the same way, and worried about how the society or norm viewed our relationship, we should not be worried at all.


We can afford to go anywhere in the world where no one knows where we are.

In fact, I have been to this one beautiful place, it is so secluded and peaceful in Alaska. It is so quiet at night that the surrounding silence is deafening. You could sleep straight till morning without being bothered with any noise. And I could even hear my ears ringing and myself breathing. That place is so perfect.

I ended up talking more than I planned to about 1989 album instead in this episode apparently.

And track 11, This Love in 1989.


This song is like my formula to go to for any situations when I am already too deep falling for someone. The past heartbreak situations which I had gone through over the years, has been successful. I could go manage it whenever I find someone new. However, I believe some formulas are not effective anymore over a period of time.

This podcast is brought to you by Winter Scribbler Publishing. Where reality and imagination turn into delicate harmony of scripts and illustrations.

I believe you guys have heard of Style. Style is one of my favourite songs. The melody is like, well, models striding at a fashion show. Whenever I listened to it, you will see me walking confidently at a grand staircase. The beat will automatically make your walking posture better.


The song is catchy, but the lyrics is so accurate.


Personally, for me I find that whenever I am with this someone, even after not seeing her for seven years, whenever I am with her, I feel like I am so comfortable and still feel the same thing as before. I am not complaining that I don’t like it.


Becos sometimes, feelings tend to fade after a few years when you don’t see someone for quite some time. But this specific person keeps getting stronger. And it is too overwhelming that I wanted to leave or do something just so I can leave and eventually this feeling will fade. In fact, I have tried a few times but seems like this one is not working. I am not sure what to do though.

The last song in 1989 which I feel like I cannot relate yet is the last track, Clean. Okay, I would love to try to relate this song with my life, but I find that melody and lyrics is really sad.


This song is really something like an authentic love. Someone who has been with the love of her life, then she needs to let go of her for some reasons they cannot avoid.


So far, I don’t remember experiencing this except recently with this someone whom I mentioned a while ago. But I still do not want to take it to another route like how Clean is. And I hope that it will not be difficult when I will be the one who decided to leave this time.

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Alright babes, if you guys have anything that you would like to share on your experiences with women whom you were or are attracted to, pls remember to email to me and share. And if you don’t mind me sharing to the listeners in our upcoming episodes, I would be happy to.  

Thank you for listening. And see you all soon!