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Season 1 Episode 9

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Hi, I would like to thank you all for still sticking with me. And this is our second last episode for this season.


I have no idea whether you have heard this song called Secret Love Song by Little Mix. The first time I heard this song was when it was a played in a compilation videos in YouTube. The videos were about all the films related to women in love and I couldn’t even remember what it was. But the song fits so well that made me ended up searching it in Youtube. Then, I can put two and two together. It has been quite some time I noticed Little Mix for their music videos such as Move and Wings. But I don’t want to click the videos for the same reasons why I did not want to find out about Taylor Swift in the beginning. But then when I heard Secret Love Song, it just blew my mind and heart and everything. Then I realised that this song has Secret Love Song Part II exists. This was when I could relate to it 100% and become my ultimate favourite.

Just so you know, Little Mix had themselves declared this song is the LGBTQ+ anthem.  In case you have no idea because my friend Harry doesn’t know too.

When at first, I heard this song, the lyrics made me a bit curious to know what is this song actually about. So, I went to search the original music video.

Lyrics to Secret Love Song Part II by Little Mix


That is when I watched the music video which featured Jason Derulo, I was wondering whether this song is about a guy who falls in love with a girl who is married or already with someone? Since I was not satisfied, I ended up watching interviews about this song including that is when I found there is a Part II which Jason Derulo is not featured in it. Honestly, the part of the music video which appealed to me was when there is something about Perrie and Jade who are two of the band members of Little Mix. I didn’t know anything about Jerrie at that time. But honestly something about these two made me more curious.  I kept watching all the interviews. Then everything clicks together. That is why Part 2 is in my playlist instead.

Let me be clear. This song did not fit any of my real-life storyline with anyone. I love it because this will be the situation if ever, I were to have a relationship with someone out of the norm and out of the society boundary.


But then something happened in Dec 2019.

This podcast is brought to you by Winter Scribbler Publishing. Where reality and imagination turn into delicate harmony of scripts and illustrations.

There is this part of the song which started, Every time I see you, I die a little more
and ended with I'll never show it on my face.

Whatever I am saying here are from my perspectives. I have no idea what she feels. But during that moment I wish I could do more than just dance with her. I wish when she said you can do anything you want the hundredth time at the dance floor, she really meant what I thought it is if she does. If she doesn’t, I am glad that I didn’t make any move though.

Well, I am not going to talk about this in this episode. But after years of listening to Secret Love Song, this moment finally feels real. And also, the other beautiful song, Think About Us by Little Mix, I feel like it is a continuation to the real-life story of Secret Love Song.


Every time when we are with that specific person, we wish we could do more than just be friends with them. We wish that if she feels the same way, we both have nothing to hide just because we are confused, or it is not right.


Sometimes, certain individuals are just so special that they have a special place in our heart that they are one in those hundreds you have met in your lifetime.


You wish that you need not hide that feelings just because you are afraid that you will lose her as a friend if you tell her everything.


You wish that when you are both in love, you need not hide.


You can be with anyone you want to be with. There are no limits and boundaries. You wish that if ever you want to hold hands in public or anywhere, you are not worried that people will give you a side eye. I mean like maybe you don’t care, but you also hope that your partner don’t care too what other people say.


I feel like the song lyrics in Secret Love Song are just straight to the point. There is no need to analyse any metaphor. Sometimes we just need that in life. Simplicity but heart breaking.

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Alright babes, if you have anything that you would like to share regarding your experiences with women whom you were or are still attracted to, pls do share with me. And if you don’t mind me sharing to the listeners in our upcoming episodes, please do indicate it in the email just so I know which is only for my own reading and which can be shared to the others.

Thank you for listening. And see you all in the next episode.