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Season 2 Episode 10

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Signals like body language, the way that person we are interested in talks to us and all could be a message telling us how they feel. But could it be also just another of our wild assumption just because we feel differently towards them?

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Hi Everyone. Welcome back to the last episode of Season 2 of the Women Love Women WLW Podcast.


Initially, I was thinking whether I should speak more about moving on and forward but I guess at the moment, the one which I mentioned in earlier episode should be more than enough. I have been thinking about this subject which is about body language and signals. Both from our side and also learning to understand from the women we are interested in.


I am not a body language consultant. However, I have been exploring, researching, reading and try and error in understanding body language and testing the energy emitted to me. It is my profession, my job to do so by the way because of my work. No, I didn’t use any instrument or tool. Just my instinct which is based on years of experience, based on the research done by others, and of course reading and testing the books I read about body language and psychological assessment. I mean I have a tool to understand the trait of a person using the science of graphology. But I don’t use that to understand whether the person likes me. I used more on observation.

How to know whether the girl you like, likes you back? If you are waiting for an answer from me here, frankly, I don’t have any. Probably the part as in like to be friends with you or is comfortable when with you, I guess I can say that my analysis is normally about 80 to 98% accurate. But like, in terms of romantically, hmmm… I am so sorry I couldn’t share with you anything because so far I don’t have any successful cases. I mean like the first thing I never asked.


But I did mention in earlier episode regarding how to know whether a girl likes you back from a Youtuber couple. That was when I realized that my analysis might not be accurate.


The one that I could give the 80 to 98% accuracy are like the following situations.


Friends whom I know either are my classmates, schoolmate like in a different way which is interested in them in a romantic way which means physically romantic, or having imaginations that you want to be with them in some way, normally has this kind of look when they chat with m, all those kind of signals and signs.


How to explain to you. It is different. The obvious one especially is this one who is my ex-classmate from university when I was taking my masters. She is fit, very fit, a rower. I mentioned her before in one of my episodes if you remember. I think she knows so that was one-time at a school event, I was at the registration table while waiting for my name to be checked by the staff. My focus was actually towards a group of our classmates where she was sitting on the same table, but then I noticed she kept looking at me, smiling and that look she gave was like urghh different. Like she was looking at side eye. No one was looking at me though. Only her. I don’t know why I noticed her. Then I panicked but I did smile back and look away shyly in a way to tell her hey go on, I am interested.


That was one time. And on the same event, another classmate whom I was interested in also was just chatting with me. The others are like in a separate small groups a bit distant from us. I am not sure whether is it because she was abit drunk because they were served with wine or champagne. Remember this is like a casual smart event conducted by our university. There were not many people because it was an alumni event. So, what happened was she stood so close to me like there is no space between us. I didn’t move because I guess I was comfortable with her. It was so close. The other girl I mentioned earlier was just like 8 feet away from us, maybe she can see us from her side glance. So basically, these kinds of signals are like what I interpreted as interested.


Whether any of us make a move is another story. Whether I am overanalyzing it is another story. The thing is that you might act differently like I do in this kind of situation.


The rower girl did invite me to join her and our classmates after that event for a drink. So what I did was I panicked and also not comfortable to join them because it was with my other classmates. I am alright with them but my brain and mouth sometimes functioned differently in panicky situation. I don’t have any plans that night actually. Maybe I was also afraid if I feel something else. Urghhh is so complicated sometimes.

Another thing is probably you can ask. I believed most of you guys out there have the courage to ask. So if you do, please go ahead. Asking to confirm that you did not misunderstand might be better but you do have to take a risk though. I took the risk which will affect my friendship with the person. But I did. The difference is now I feel better, but then on the other hand, I have not been talking to her since December. So far, I am alright and everything goes as planned. I hope so. I have 2 more months to go through this.


And what kind of signals could affect your decision in some way to move forward will be different from your story and mine. Whatever it is I would like to wish you all the best.


Before I end this episode,there will be additional bonus episode to answer a few questions. Just one more episode, extra.

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