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Season 2 Episode 5

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Lesbian Characters in TV series and movies influenced so much on how we perceive a romantic relationship between women. Some with happy endings while a number made us frustrated with the burns. Brittana, Supercorp, Tala and Laila, Juliantina, Cophine, Wayhaught, Jane and Petra are some of the many relationships we shipped hard.

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Hi Ladies.


Today I am going to dive into characters in TV and movies that made a huge impact in some way for us and I can say to myself. Why I decided to talk about this here is because of how somewhat it influenced me in someway to have the courage to write books towards queer direction, watching and commenting in social media of Lesbians icons, following them, watching compilation videos and commenting on them, buying clothes and merchandise with LGBT symbols and flags, and eventually creating this podcast.

The first ever ever video or movies that I watched, which I was so brave to start watching discreetly if I remember correctly was the L-Word, the movie I Can’t Think Straight, and then Glee for Brittany and Santana’s relationship. In fact, initially I did not want to start watching all these shows because at that time I know that the possibilities is just at the edge for me and I was worried to start watching these shows and I will end up be so true to myself. And when it ever happens, I will know the reasons why I was not interested in having relationships with those guys I was with. Part of me already know at that time why but I feel like I didn’t want to admit. 

When I watched these shows, the actress portraying those characters were like telling my story. It hits nicely and very gently. And that is why most of these shows that I had eventually watched on repeat like nobody’s business came to me like naturally. 

These shows like Glee, the ship name Brittana was told to us that it was a push by our late Naya Rivera to the writers to create her actual friendship with Heather on screen especially when the fans kept pushing them about how beautiful their friendship is behind the scene. This was actually one of my favourite couples on TV that made me feel the same struggles of keeping my own good girl reputation. The storyline that focus on denying actually hits so close to me during that time.

As for the L-Word, it is more of like a generic show based on my analysis. I didn’t really feel that any of the storyline fits my real life. But my favourite couple at that time was Bette and Tina, who are more to the matured category in this series. I find Bette very gorgeous and so fit that I actually had a crush on her. And another couple was Alice and Dana. They are like the chill type couple and I was also into Dana cos she has this personality similar to Bette in terms of physical. Very fit and toned. 

As for I Can’t Think Straight, this is like the movie that you guys should watch if you haven’t. I talked about this in Season 1. Tala and Laila’s chemistry is something which I would want one in my real life. And as for the storyline, it is like one of the most beautiful on-screen love story between women that you will ever watched. This goes the same too for the movie they both played in The World Unseen played by the same actresses, Sheetal Sheth and Lisa Ray and written by the same writer, Shamim Sarif. 

If I am not wrong, I did watch quite a number of movies and series with queer contents 10 years ago but it is not as many as current tv shows if you compare. I noticed that there are more lesbian and gay relationships on straight shows today than they used to. Because last time I remember I have to search online. I have to make friends with YouTube viewers who shared the links.

The girl I met who is from Canada who knows my inclinations towards women, once told me hey you should watch this movie called Blue is the Warmest Colour. This was like 2 or 3 years ago. And when I replied, Yeah I already did a few years ago when it was released, she literally stood in silence and stared at me. At that time, I was thinking why was she surprised. Until recently I saw in tumblr a meme that if someone said that they have watched that show, she is confirmed gay. I mean like okay, I was already so clear. But hey I should be the one surprised. How come she watched that show? Haahaha

Let’s see what else did I missed? Carol! Yes! Carol is like one of those iconic lesbian movies that should not be missed for whatever reason. That was the moment I fall in love with Cate Blanchett! And then I fall harder towards Cate Blanchett in Ocean’s 8. Ohmygod Cate Blanchett in suits!!! AHHH. Oh my goodness. In Carol, the connection Carol has with Therese, the chemistry, that soft gentle gestures, the words when they speak to each other like whispers, their eye contact, ohmygod! So soft! By the way, I am not sure about one thing. Whether I want to be like Cate Blanchett or I want someone like Cate Blanchett.


Okay next…did you guys watch the series, The Good Wife? The Good Wife is generally a straight show but they are very inclusive in terms of their characters. This is one of my favourite shows. I don’t like watching stories about lawyers or law or legal related, but this was an amazing series. The WLW relationship between Kalinda Sharma and Lana Delaney is one of my favourites. I think you guys will agree that they actually are a good-looking couple, and they have like this fiery energy with each other. There is a certain friction and magnetic energy between them. I really shipped them actually especially when they were arguing in the cafeteria and that scene when Kalinda went to Lana’s apartment at night. Did you guys watch that on repeat? I wish that their relationship in the series is longer especially with their strong character.


Okay next one is, Imagine Me and You. Yes, that was also a classic movie. I love it actually. I remember the first time I saw the poster in my hometown’s cinema. I was like woahhh what the hell. It can be broadcasted here? By the way I watched it online cos the screening time slot was at 10pm onwards. I am not the type who watched movies at 10pm onwards. The story is so simple and lovely. The main actor, Lena Headey made my heart melt and like I said the relationship and storyline is simple not that much of a crisis that they had to go through together. I can say that it surely is one of those movies that I had watched on repeat.  


Lets talk about the recently aired movies and couples that I have been watching. Juliantina is one of the famous couple in 2019 - 2020 from the Show Amar a Muerte. Sorry if I pronounced this wrongly. Just google it. Is a relationship name between Juliana and Valentina.


Guys, frankly, I didn’t watch the show but there was one time, I watched a video compiled by someone in Youtube. It is a very long video of all Juliana and Valentina’s scenes from this series only their scenes. Starting from how they met. You know what happened? I ended up watching the videos on a Friday from 10pm to 5am and then continue again the next 3 days. It was quite a lot. Each video is about 20 to 30mins compilation. It was beautifully compiled, and I cried even though I did not watch the entire show. This is one of those beautiful couple in a show with not only their good-looking persona but their chemistry between each other.


Guys, ohmygod how can I forget this. Cophine from Orphan Black. Cophine is one of the epic couple. This is like the upper tier show. Apart from the storyline, the very high level acting from the casts especially who else our star, Tatiana Maslany. Cophine is also one of those series that impacted me in certain way. It somewhat reminds me to be with someone with similar interest and mindset as me. As for fantasy wise, I feel like I will be more suitable as a Cosima and my future partner will be Delphine.

How entertaining these shows are I believed that there are ships that we hope they could be more than just friends especially with the way they behave towards each other. Well, every time I see comments in these shows’ social media or videos in YouTube, I will sometimes reply, Hey this is what happened in real life. We couldn’t tell that person just because we are afraid that we will lose that friendship with them. We couldn’t read what is in their mind.


A number of those shows are the ships which you guys probably follows, Supercorp from Supergirl. Supercorp is a combination between Supergirl and Lena Luthor. The relationship that we keep shipping. There are so many obvious clues that they both are into each other but the writers did not make any move to make them a couple or at least declare their love for each other. Every time I see them on compilation videos, because I don’t watch the show Supergirl, I will think like I feel like I am Lena Luthor but sometimes I want a girlfriend who is like Lena Luthor. Those moments like staring looks, that kind of smile, eye contact oh my goodness, isn’t that something which is so real in real life.


By the way, I really respect how some tv writers listened to fans’ theories and requests but because it could affect the storyline in some way, they added in a character just so that the other character could be in a relationship with another woman.


Jane the Virgin is not only one of the “you must stay tuned every week” show, I feel like they respect the viewers. There were so many requests in social media to make Jane and Petra be in a relationship with each other because of their chemistry, storyline and friendship. But I guess because it will affect Jane’s storyline which is the main character and also the other guys’ storyline in which in this show even though I am not straight, I like the actors who played in this series. They are like gentleman and respect the viewers’ opinions and don’t argue with them like how some other shows’ actors behaved. I guess you all know what I meant. So, what Jane the Virgin’s writers and showrunners did was to add in another character named Jane AND this Jane is interested in Petra and so does Petra. It was beautifully matched and there are so many sexy scenes. The actress who played the 2nd Jane is also known for some of her other shows with women loving women inclination so basically, she has a good reputation in the lesbian community. I can say Jane the Virgin is one of the best shows I have ever watched in my list.


Other than that, there are shows that I haven’t watch fully only halfway through, which I would like to do a shoutout they are very brave enough and open enough to share their stories in films are Wynonna Earp and One Day at A Time.

To summarize, these are the shows that actually kind of influenced me in some way to just act normal and feel free to feel what I feel if that is what makes me comfortable. Because if I keep it for so long, the more I deny it, the more it will be consuming my time, energy and mind analysing it and thinking about it. And I feel like I am more at ease now compared to last time. I don’t really care so much whether if I flirt openly with someone I like, it will be obvious or not. In fact, sometimes I purposely do what I wanna do.  

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